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Here’s where you can find out more about Creativ Squid, about me and the reasons behind this site.


Becki Rendell

Welcome to Creativ Squid. My name is Becki a lifelong lover of the creative arts, and all things to do with design.

Having gone through art college and on to university, gaining a degree and post-grad in design, I then spent more than 10 years teaching these skills to the next generation of creatives. I did this at the same time as building my own online business.

Being both, a teacher and visual learner, I have put these years of experience and knowledge online for you to learn, the easy way. Even if you think you have ZERO creative ability or business know-how.
Let me show you how.

What's with the squid?

When I’m not being creative or running my business, you can find me exploring the world under the waves. I’m a big fan of scuba diving and a little bit obsessed with everything from the Cephalopoda family. These include octopus, cuttlefish, and yours truly, squids. 

Basically, this group of creatures are not only awesomely chilled but are known for their resourcefulness, ingenuity and ability to adapt quickly, which are all characteristics of creative types.

My why

I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park getting my online businesses up and running. Sure I did have the advantage of understanding the graphic design side of things, but the technical side of things felt like a minefield.

One of the main reasons I struggled with the learning process was the overwhelm of technical knowledge, written in an inaccessible way.

I’m a visual learner who thrives on easy-to-follow, guided visual walkthroughs. The amount of technical jargon and assumed knowledge meant I was left feeling frustrated and disappointed at my lack of progress.

I knew I wasn’t an idiot, yet I struggled to grasp the basics because it simply wasn’t my learning style.

It wasn’t until a friend suggested I create my own set of instructions based on the way that’s accessible to me, that I overcame the hurdles.

Now, I’m here to share all this knowledge with you, in simple to follow, visual step by step guides to get your own online business up and running – the easy way.